Founded in 1996, the Central Ohio Men's Adult Baseball League is an 18 and over amateur baseball league that is a regional affiliate of the MSBL/MABL Inc. The regular season starts approximately mid-April, running through early August. League playoffs are a best of three series in each round and begin mid August with the League Championship Series held over Labor Day Weekend.

For more information, email the league president.


The 1st meeting of Year 25, the 2020 Season is Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 2:00 PM.  The meeting will be held at Flanagan's (Blacklick). 

League Champion/National Division Champions: Barracudas

League Runner-Up/American Divison Champions: Kings

Regular Season Champions: Tigers

Manager of the Year: Mateo Villavicencio, Latins

League MVP: Kyle Stoughton, Bison

Defensive MVP: Dustin Reuter, Tigers

Pitcher of the Year: Joey Stoll, Barracudas

Offensive Player of the Year: Kyle Stoughton, Bison

Rookie of the Year: Austin Forsythe, Kings

Championship Series MVP: Kyle Dempsey, Barracudas

MABL/MSBL All Star MVP: Allen Ayers, Tigers

Central Ohio MABL All Star MVP: Jacob Chrysler, Pirates

Batting Title: Thomas Joyce, Pirates .604

HR Champion: Kyle Stoughton, Bison 6

R.B.I. Champion: Kyle Stoughton, Bison 37

Hits Champion: Kyle Stoughton, Bison 37

SB Champion: Tyler Nicholson, Bison 17

Runs Scored: Bo Walker, Barracudas 30

Black and Blue Award: Rusty Nail, Coyotes / James Cardona-Rivera, Kings 9

Wins: Jackson Everman, Kings / Greg Otto, Tigers / Joey Stoll, Barracudas 8

E.R.A: Kevin Zullo, Tigers 1.50

Strikeouts: Jacob Chrysler, Pirates 82

Complete Games: Logan Smith, Bearcats 7

Workhorse Award: Emerson Keppler, Mariners 72.1


 2019 Team MVP Awards:

Bison Baseball Club                Team MVP                             Kyle Stoughton

Columbus Barracudas             Team MVP                             Bo Walker

Columbus Bearcats                 Team MVP                             Tim Eidens     

Columbus Coyotes                  Team MVP                             Brandon Worthington

Columbus Kings                     Team MVP                             James Cardona Rivera

Columbus Latins                     Team MVP                             Carlos Albornoz

Columbus Red Sox                 Team MVP                             Derek Barnhart

Columbus Rockies                  Team MVP                             Mike Werner

Dublin Pirates                         Team MVP                             Jacob Chrysler

Dublin Tigers                          Team MVP                             Allen Ayers

Ohio Mariners                         Team MVP                             Emerson Keppler

Westerville Expos                   Team MVP                             Matt Cooke

2019 Team Defensive MVP Awards:

Bison Baseball Club                Defensive Team MVP            Evan Nicholson

Columbus Barracudas             Defensive Team MVP             Kyle Dempsey

Columbus Bearcats                 Defensive Team MVP             Brian Gevas   

Columbus Coyotes                  Defensive Team MVP             Patrick Barrios

Columbus Kings                     Defensive Team MVP             Austin Forsythe

Columbus Latins                     Defensive Team MVP             Keiner Colmenares

Columbus Red Sox                 Defensive Team MVP             Tyler Etter                  

Columbus Rockies                  Defensive Team MVP             Logan Jones

Dublin Pirates                         Defensive Team MVP             DJ Komisarek

Dublin Tigers                          Defensive Team MVP             Dustin Reuter

Ohio Mariners                         Defensive Team MVP             Clayton Deringer        

Westerville Expos                   Defensive Team MVP             Matt Keifer

2020 will be the 25th Season of the Central Ohio MABL.  The league expects to have 12-14 teams for this milestone season.  If you are looking to play baseball this season, fill out the new player form under the communication tab.  The league holds a workout/draft for new players in March (details still being confirmed).  More information upcoming.

Ohio Mariners
Bison Baseball Club
Reynoldsburg HS - 10:00 AM
Westerville Expos
Columbus Bearcats
Westerville Central HS - 12:00 PM
Columbus Coyotes
Columbus Kings
Reynoldsburg HS - 1:00 PM
Central Ohio Rockies
Columbus Barracudas
Westerville Central HS - 3:00 PM
No Games Scheduled