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Founded in 1996, the Central Ohio Men's Adult Baseball League is an 18 and over amateur baseball league that is a regional affiliate of the MSBL/MABL Inc. The regular season starts approximately mid-April, running through early August. League playoffs are a best of three series in each round and begin mid August with the League Championship Series held over Labor Day Weekend.

For more information, email the league president.

With Baseball able to return on May 26, 2020 with guidelines, the league is working on a scheduled to return to the field.  Team Managers held a virtual meeting this past Sunday with a tentative plan on the workout/draft along with Opening Day.

The biggest issue right now is field availability.  There is confusion if fields will be open on May 26, 2020.  The latest information has school facilities/fields closed until June 30, 2020.  Once this issue is clear, the league will be able to move forward with a schedule for games.

Tentative Plan is to host a workout/draft on about June 13/14.  Opening day would either be June 28 or July depending on field availability. 

The Governor was presented with a plan by an advisory group from across the state in an effort to allow for recreational activities.  This plan was presented last weekend or Monday, but no timeline or guidelines have been released. 

The league will continue to monitor the situation.  Once a timeline and guidelines are released for baseball activities to resume, the league will schedule a workout/draft for new players and proceed to release the 2020 schedule. 

I hope all is well with you and yours.  I know that players are wanting to get back on the field and get the season started.


The Governor has stated he will form an advisory group to look into sports and recreational activities.  While the league has not heard anything specific, the current order prohibits organized recreational sports leagues until May 29, 2020, unless that order is amended. In addition, an order exists that school buildings are closed until June 30, 2020.  The league has reached out to the fields that the league uses for clarification if actual field/facilities are too closed in conjunction with the order on school buildings.  This is an important factor in determining when the league can resume.  Without field availability, the league is limited in its ability to resume baseball activity.


While today was scheduled to be Opening Day for the Central Ohio MABL 202025thSeason and due to the current situation had to be delayed, based on the information the league has recently received and read, it appears that the Central Ohio MABL  202025thSeason will be delayed further.  There is not a "set" date, but based on current orders and pending those being lifted, amended, or left to expire, it now appears Opening Day will be delayed into June and maybe further. 


There seemed to be a consensus amongst team managers that once the league is able to resume, that the league has a transition period back to the field (zero to baseball) of two to four weeks.  Within that transition period, the League would prepare/release the final game schedule, collect waivers/fees and hold workout/draft for new players.  Teams would start to practice/scrimmage, collect waivers/fees and prepare for the 202025thSeason Opening Day.  Whether or not that transition period is 2-4 weeks will be based largely on when the league is able to resume.


The league is working on a plan to resume, but until more information is known, it is futile.  The league is hopeful that more information and direction is released in the next couple of weeks.


Several teams stated in a recent zoom mg. mtg that they had players who were practicing/working out, understand that activity is not considered an official league event.  Further, if you or your players visit any fields/facilities that the league uses, it has not nor is it, league-approved.  In no way should your team/players possibly jeopardize the league's ability to use those fields/facilities in the future.  The league is trying to gain approval in order to resume baseball activities and it must be clear to those who have or will continue to practice in violation of existing orders issued. 


ENjoy this Sunday and make the best of it!
Ohio Mariners
Bison Baseball Club
Reynoldsburg HS - 10:00 AM
Westerville Expos
Columbus Bearcats
Westerville Central HS - 12:00 PM
Columbus Coyotes
Columbus Kings
Reynoldsburg HS - 1:00 PM
Central Ohio Rockies
Columbus Barracudas
Westerville Central HS - 3:00 PM
No Games Scheduled